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            Review from Judge, 23rd Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards

 "Buttons by Prachi Gangwal is a simple gracious little book. She effectively tells the story and colorfully illustrates it to complete the package. She includes all the children by name from the classroom, recognizes the strengths of each and points out the good qualities that each child brings to the class and the project. She has included simple mathematics, colors, and creativity in sharing the progress of the project.
The narrator shares the aspirations of the children, which sometimes go against stereotype. The book is age appropriate and does a good job incorporating mathematics, colors, and shapes. The children in the book could be compared to kids in the classroom to complete the lessons.
It is a little book just right for small hands. Each page has only a few words along with a colorful illustration. I think this book will be a hit with kindergartens and first grade children."

This review is unaltered and represents each word as it was written for the book Buttons.