Values-A must read for kids!
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I have shared this story with my 2-3 year old classes who liked the pictures, and also shared it with my 6 year old son who understood the story better. The story is about how telling a lie can hurt others than just yourself. - B. Schaner
This is such a nice story for young kids. It has a great lesson to learn, told in a way that kids will understand. We really enjoyed reading it to our little one. The hand drawn illustrations are cute too. - Ajain

This a great little story only about 12 pages. The message is about determination and the way a little girl learns about determination to hang on the monkey bars by watching a baby bird learn to fly. This review can also be found at therainbowstickboy dot blogspot dot com -  Michael Santolini
Values - 3 Stories
This is a book with three short  stories. Monkey Bars is about determination, Footprints is about honesty and Dream is about cleanliness and responsibility. The illustrations are simple yet impacting.
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