Buttons story for kids
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This is a story about creative projects that school children make using buttons. They learn about some basic shapes, colors and counting while creating their original projects. 
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I really like the illustrations. They are a lot of fun and I really like the button quilt at the end. You have put together a really special book, it is lovely and an original idea. - A. Joyce
What readers are saying:
What a lovely concept! I have 3 kids and they all want to implement the idea this weekend to create a project with buttons. Luckily I have some colorful buttons lying around.
Thanks for a cute book with an original idea. - Cindy (Barnes and Noble)
My son loved the way the buttons kept adding. The projects show creative display of children's innate ideas and likes. Amanda (Barnes and Noble)
Buttons Inspire Child's Imagination:
This is a delightful book. The simple water-colored images of children makes it easy for a child to relate to the story. The rhyming verse is fun and easy to read. The author really tapped into a young child's essence of themselves as each child depicted what was important to them as they created a picture with buttons. Highly recommend! - Susanne 
My 3.5 year old son loved it!
Buttons is a very cute book...Nice way to teach little ones basic shapes/colors/counting. My son loved it. He has a small attention span for books teaching alphabets or numbers, but this book kept him interested. Illustrations are cute and teaches kids the basic shapes and colors in a playful way. - T. Jain
The author takes a fun object and transforms it into a lesson in art and life. Her characters remind me of children I know and love. I suspect the teacher’s voice is similar to the authors as she guides her students (and we readers) into an adventure in gentle, but powerful creativity. It didn't  take super heroes, or loud music. All it took were a few buttons, some drawing supplies, and an idea that the children in the book could make their own. My personal take-away as I read the book (more than once!) was and is this: “Not all essential messages have to be shouted. The best ones can be whispered.” - Joy Dekok
Rated 5 star on Amazon!
"...hit with kindergartens and first grade children." - Readers Digest review
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