Prachi Gangwal: Writer, Story Teller, host of Kahani Podcast
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My name is Prachi and if you want to know a little bit about my journey of how I reached here, read on.

I am passionate about visual arts, storytelling and connecting with nature and cosmos. I went to NC State University for M.S in civil engineering. A few years later I added knowledge about energy auditing, ayurveda and wellness coaching to my education pallet.  I have also explored teaching wellness and pursued professional photography in the recent past.  Through all these years one thing always enticed me and kept pulling me - teaching kids and learning from them!  Currently, I spend my time as a podcast host, teacher, gardner, artist, student of life and a mother of two amazing kids!

I have always found magic around children.  I started writing for fun and shared my stories with kids around me. The inspiration to write my first story, Monkey Bars, dawned upon me when my older daughter was giving up easily on day to day things. I feel that kids go through a positive learning curve when adults let them experience failures with right guidance and self awareness. As a writer, some stories sprouted from this core thought as I observed children. You can find digital and paper back copies of my books here.

As a storyteller, I share Hindi stories through my podcast Kahani. These stories are written by various authors and are from various parts of the world.  I narrate stories that either have touched me in some way or bring a childhood memory for me.  To hear what people are saying about Kahani, make sure you listen to the 3 episodes of Aapke Shabd

I am a student of life and believe in personal growth in everyday. I have surprised myself in various ways all along my life! As an artist I fall in love with various forms of creative, visual arts. In the past i have indulged in wood work, dancing, yoga, meditation, crafts and more. Currently my Meraki is water colors! 

​Resonating in state of awareness of our true essence and staying grounded with my inner being is my constant drive! Kensho is an insight and its a blessing and a privilege if I can share my growth and insights with anyone who wants to vibrate at their highest potential as well.

If you have any questions or would like to share your story with me,  feel free to reach out to me.
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