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A little more about me... 

My name is Sanskrit for the direction East, where the sun rises. I am passionate about visual arts and storytelling. I went to NC State University to become a civil engineer and added knowledge about energy auditing, Ayurveda, yoga and wellness coaching to my education pallet. Engineering is now my past, yet it does surfaces in my problem-solving mindset. Currently, I am a storyteller, writer, podcast host, photographer and art teacher.  

My journey as a photographer has been enriched by my never ending zest to capture splendid moments for friends and family. Through pictures, I create magical, comical, elegant and candid frozen moments to look back and bring smiles. Some of my photography works are available to be viewed on National Geographic and Flickr.

I have always loved children; I find magic around them.  I started writing for fun and shared my stories with kids around me. The inspiration to write my first story, Monkey Bars, dawned upon me when my older daughter was giving up easily on day to day things. I feel that kids go through a positive learning curve when adults let them experience falls with little guidance. My stories spark from this core thought as I observe children. You can find digital and paper back copies of my books here.

As a storyteller and podcast host, I share Hindi stories through my podcast Kahani. These stories are written by various authors and are from various parts of the world. I narrate them in a fun way for people of all ages to enjoy!

To hear what people are saying about Kahani, make sure you listen to the 3 episodes of Aapke Shabd

Finally, I have three blogs: Prachi WellnessPrachi Gangwal and Life-Hatched.

If you have any questions or would like to share your story with me, feel free to reach out to me!

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Prachi Photography
Prachi Photography
Hello! I'm Prachi Gangwal: artist, podcast host, author, blogger, and photographer. 
"If you are going through hard times, have faith that good times are on the way."
- Buddha

During these troubling times,  please remember to stay safe and maintain social distancing. Feel free to write to me or send voice recordings to me, sharing your concerns or special ways that you are enriching this time.